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Are you feeling overwhelmed with everyday demands and trying hard to be the best at everything?

Would you like to be supported to move from exhaustion to having more peace, playfulness and prosperity in your life?

Then we invite you to experience something new…

The thing is, if you don’t have models of successful, balanced businesswomen in your lives, it is very difficult to convince yourself that what you want is possible… and sometimes it’s hard to even ask for what you want.

This telesummit is different…it’s just the beginning…it’s the pathway…

This telesummit is the beginning to being involved in a “Superwoman” community. It was my intention to bring you the mentors who have supported my own personal journey to move from overwhelmed and exhausted trying to be a superwoman in every area of my life…to embracing my inner feminine and divine guidance, and having Peace, Playfulness and Prosperity in every area of my life that I deserved….and so do YOU! Tapping into your inner Superwoman is a journey, not a destination…so this is just the beginning…

A superwoman is a term used to describe a woman who works hard to manage multiple roles of a worker, a homemaker, a volunteer, a student and probably many other roles.

What if there was a new way to look at your all your roles as a woman?

What if you tapped into an inner power that allowed you to live full out and “have it all”…your way? Introducing…


The “New Superwoman” is the woman who embraces life on her own terms, redefining what is important and doing what nurtures her, tapping into her own femininity, inner passions and designing a life that fulfills that. It includes having peace of mind, a playful heart and a prosperous experience.

It’s time to uncover your inner superwoman. Hear from women just like you on how they overcame self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and tapped into their feminine energy to create a balance of peace, playfulness and prosperity in their lives and businesses while serving in an enormous way.

In these interviews you are going to be hearing the honest, behind-the-scenes truth regarding their own journey in creating their success in a balanced way, tools and techniques that have supported them and how they have tapped into their inner superwoman and unleashed their feminine power to leap into their prosperity.

Week 1:  Vision
Your New Superwoman Vision

A taste of what you will learn is…

  • Learn a visioning exercise to “SEE” your new life with peace, playfulness and prosperity and attract it to you like a magnet;
  • How to change your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and hold you back from what you want;
  • How to get accelerated results without trying harder;
  • How to get out of your own way to become a manifesting machine!

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Week 2:  Your Inner Feminine
Tap Into Your Inner Feminine & Unleash YOUR Superwoman!

A taste of what you will learn is…

  • What mindset shifts you can make right now to step into your superwoman
  • How your feminine energy affects every area of your life and the difference between masculine energy;
  • Learn to access and infuse your life and career with your authentic Feminine Power.
  • Awaken to your Creative Life Force and embrace yourself as a Superwoman.


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Week 3:  Relationships
Creating Superwoman Relationships that Support Your Business & Life

A taste of what you will learn is…

  • Why your devotion to your business or career may be sabotaging your desires for healthy and empowering relationships;
  • How to make effective agreements and discover easy and playful ways to manage accountability;
  • How to create a new, uplifting and solid foundation for healthy relationships and attracting your best life;
  • How to develop healthy, nurturing relationships with your kids through conscious parenting;


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Week 4:  Wellness
Creating Superwoman Wellness that Supports Your Mind & Body for Success

A taste of what you will learn is…

  • How to nurture yourself through embodying Self Love;
  • Ways to support your wellness through food choices that positively affect your mood and energy;
  • How to create a vibrant and healthy life to ignite your vibrant and healthy business;

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Week 5:  Healing
Healing Your Inner Blocks to Allow the Flow of Peace, Playfulness and Prosperity

A taste of what you will learn is…

  • How to Laugh your way to well-being;
  • How your playful side will magnetize business to you easily and effortlessly!
  • Gain a deeper insight into healing pain and fear and deepen your access to your inner silence, wisdom and intuition.

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Week 6:  Taking A Leap
Leap into Your Superwoman Prosperity

A taste of what you will learn is…

  • What it takes to have a quantum leap in your business (all while staying centered and peaceful)
  • How to keep fear and doubt from making your decisions for you;
  • How to stop spinning in circles and take courageous action now;
  • How to get crystal clear on the business (& life) you want to create so you can bring it to you like a magnet.

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Week 7:  The Flow
Staying in the Flow of Peace, Playfulness and Prosperity

A taste of what you will learn is…

  • How to incorporate tools on a daily basis to stay peaceful, playful and prosperous;
  • Bringing the message of the “New Superwoman” together to step into this journey and create it right now;
  • How overall success is a journey, not a destination – what tips and techniques you can use in your path.


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This event is full of valuable tools and strategies that you can apply to YOUR life and business to create authentic and immense success…on your terms. Be ready to be inspired and tap into your own Superwoman!

I look forward to hearing you on the calls! Until then I’m wishing you peace, playfulness and prosperity!



Maribel Jimenez is a Marketing Strategist, Author and Book Mentor based in Fountain Valley, California. Her desire is to create an empowering, supportive, nurturing community that helps women to step into their power to live a life of Peace, Playfulness and Prosperity. Her mission is to support women to move from “Superwomen Syndrome” to the “New Superwoman” that redefines her roles to create a life that embraces who she is and what she wants to be while creating great success.